Commissioned Artwork

Prankster and Nosedive's best friend: Cara Featherblade.
Watch out! They've got the worms and the shavin' cream and are looking for trouble...
Angie Drakeston, the wacky gal we all know and love. :)
Rebecca - just don't call her Becky.
Wildwing and Kala enjoying a sunset.
Duke and Celyna dancing. (Duke's in a tux! *whistles!*)
You so do NOT want to mess with these three! [pic revised slightly.. thanks Sean]
Leila deSilver, the leader of the Brotherhood of the Blade.
Lyric Swiftwing, a thief with a conscience (Yeh, we're all gonna get at you for that, =))
Estelle Jade Stormcrow, member of the Brotherhood; Falcone's younger sister.
The assassin-turned thief, Calista Arcaya.
Let me introduce Lana Emerald, darlings... ;)
Seline Trufeather looking rather unamused at something or other...
Khaldia Zareb, known as Reb, ancient as they come with a side-order of insanity.
The shy one over there is Karai Heartfeathers.
And the assassin in black is Bladerunner. :)

Leader of the Shades, Cartha Phagan; business is business, after all...
The Brotherhood's poison-expert, Milantha Lightwing! Looking like she's going to hurt the photographer...
Yo Duuuuuuuuuuuuuudes! (head-sketch of the attitude in clothing we all know and.. know.)
Another head-sketch, this time of Marshall. I think he came out rather well. :)

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