Re: On Dating @ the BOTB (Was RE: What's the best kind...)

>Hi, I'm a regular here but don't actually post much.
>I think the best kind of girl to date would be a thief
>of the BOTB! They are stylish, exoctic... have you
>ever seen Kleptomania? The scenes there bLoW yOu
> AwAy!

Hey, "Theifluver", get your head screwed back on!
Dating at the BOT-B ain't no high sundon!
Lemme tell yas something 'bout the classy little show:
If ya think it's movies there's a lot that you should know!
Leila is the leader of the B-H.O.T.B.
A Saber-whackin', whip-crackin' personality.
She keeps you in check, gets unhappy if you don't;
Don't bother askin' HER out, man, 'cos she just wont.
('Sides of which - an' it ain't no fluke! - She's in love with poor old Duke)
Nylessa is a flirt but don' say that to her face,
Or ya'll find her Saber stuck through yer "other place"
But man, she's GUY-CRAZY and if you catch her stare,
See a little gleam in her eye: Get t'hell outta there!
Lyric is ice-cool and calm, no way an open book,
Totally unint'rested although she's got the look.
Our Calista is a nice-so girl with an explosive attitude
Make a joke at her expense and you'll soon be chewed.
'Iliana of the Brotherhood' is married to her work,
An' anyway, she's old - so that's gotta be a quirk!
Milantha, when she falls, falls HARD an' it's quite an escape trick.
Stormy is fastidious, it would take her forever to pick.
(If she could even decide to what kind of guy she'd like to stick)
Both Zuzanny (Dude) and Aryna are really far too young.
Estelle's got a heart of ice (the kind of which ballards are sung!)
Well that's the answer to your question, bub; it's painfully clear to see,
There's buggerall to choose from at the B-H.O.T.B.
Now I'm off to write my will; see,
When the girls read this they're gonna kill me.


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