Get rid of this home among the Gum Trees...

Iíve never been around the world and I wish it had been more.
I love the sights and nightclub lights of Aussieís cooler shore.
But if someone asks me ďLike it here?Ē Iíll kick them out the door.
Because I want to go away...

From this home among the gum trees
With deceased plum trees
The knee-deep poo of kangaroo
A porch right out the back
Where emu fatherís grunt,
And snakes have made their lair.

Standing in the kitchen, just cooking up a roast.
A homemade spree of cold coffee and some antiquated toast.
And later in the evening, weíll try to sleep through most.
Of the possoms midnight bash.

Letís leave this home among the gum trees
With deceased plum trees
Sell the sheep and the kangaroo
Put our belongings in a sack,
The ute can bear the brunt
Of the old rocking chair.

Itís not safe to round the corner, with wallabies up the street.
Letís fly to Sydney, buy a flat, I can not stand the heat.
Iíd trade it all tomorrow, if the buyers didnít beat
It when the dingos howled at them.

Please sell this home among the gum trees
Hack down the plum trees.
Barbecue the kangaroo
Give all the sheep to Jack
And buy a Sydney pad.
Weíll live in comfort there.

Some of my friends have houses with fences all around,
Some, they live in high-rises a way up off the ground.
I envy every one of them and Iím glad they havenít found
Me living here in h*ll.

Give me a home up in the cities
Without these plum trees
The sheep and poo and kangaroos
The toilet found inside
Not sitting out the back
With good old Oz on Air.

The End

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