This fiction may need some explaining, so here is the explanation.

The idea occurred to me when I was reading Kaladan's fanfic, "The Hunting Season"; I wondered if Dragaunus had a younger brother, seeing as he was always the downtrodden one when siblings came along. I felt that, if he was to become the evil, menacing megalomaniac he is today, he would have needed someone to vent his own anger on. And so Loki was created, and the storyline appeared from then on, and became Ragnarok.
I often wondered at the structure of Saurian society. Most of us imagine that it is a very bloody, warlike system but it was my own father who said that if these nasty aliens going out in spaceships to conquer planets were nasty from birth then they'd never have created spaceflight in the first place. They'd have been too busy killing each other. I decided to have a go at, not making the Saurians the goodies by any rate, but at least giving them alternate personalities to those evil incarnate's from the show.
It is currently a work in progress, so do check back here periodically for updates. Thankyou, enjoy the story.

Chapter One: Limbo
Introducing Loki, Dragaunus' littlest brother, one-time wimp and now Captain of a very large ship hovering over Earth. How in Dimensional Limbo did that happen?

Chapter Two: Escape?
Continuing from Chapter One, Two details the events leading to and the escape from Limbo itself. But Diablo has a trick or two left to be played...

Chapter Three: Dawnbreak
After a rude awakening, the Ducks find themselves in deeper water than they bargained for, and they aren't the only ones interested in the newcomers.


Loki Hashu Nakara

Maxikirian Thocla

Canthrina Thocla-Ra

Garron Merstalon (Stalker)

Connac Re Lirick

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