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RogerRabbit has arrived.
RogerRabbit exclaims, "Hello!"
Nosedive exclaims, "Hey Roger!"
Starr just got back from being punted from aol.
Starr says, "hi all"
Dewey quacks, "hi roger!"
RogerRabbit asks, "Hi, Dewey. How are your brothers?"
Falcone asks, "Hello Roger, how is your human friend?"
RogerRabbit asks, "Which human friend?"
Nosedive grins wider.
Nosedive says, "I think he means Eddie Valient.."
RogerRabbit says, "Oh.. He and I haven't spoken in a while..."
Falcone says, "Um... the private eye friend, his name escapes me just now..."
RogerRabbit says, "Anyway, I came here to deliver a message."
Falcone says, "Yes, exactly..."
Nosedive exclaims, "Okay... shoot... (not literally!)"
RogerRabbit says, "bang"
Nosedive sighs...
RogerRabbit asks, "Have the Mighty Ducks made out their wills?"
RogerRabbit exclaims, "I'm a toon!!"
RogerRabbit smiles.
Starr asks, "our wills?"
Nosedive says, "Um. Noooo... I'm too young for a will. ;)"
Falcone says, "Except for mischief, he has buckets of will for that..."
RogerRabbit says, "Well, I finally got my team together. We will bury you."
The nephews listen quietly (quietly for them anyway)
Starr raises an eyebrow
Nosedive asks, "Ohhh.... Starr... has Mal told you about the game yet?"
Louie looks at the rabbit, "huh? what have you and your team got against the Mighty Ducks?"
Starr asks, "Roger told me about it. Rog, have you even figured out how to do this thing?"
RogerRabbit says, "Nothing. Just that Mallory challenged me to a game, so I'm here to psych the Ducks out."
Nosedive asks, "Who's the team?"
Falcone says, "Oh... well, you'll have to do some pretty extravagant things for that Roger..."
RogerRabbit asks, "Myself and some others. Don't want to spoil the surprises now, do we?"
Starr whispers, "could i see a demo of your stick again? i think you know who to test it on. *looks at rog* ;)"
Nosedive grins.

tripup roger
Nosedive spins around with a wicked laugh and trips RogerRabbit with the curved end of his Hockey Stick! With a loud "Oof!" RogerRabbit lands heavily on his backside!

RogerRabbit exclaims, "foul!"
Nosedive will probably get splooshed now or something even worse..
RogerRabbit says, "Of course you know, this means war."
Falcone says, "His most intelligent stunt... *stands away a bit*"
Starr grins.
Nosedive helps Roger up and then glares at Falcone. "Watch it or you'll be next.."
RogerRabbit gives Nosedive a sloppy, tooney kiss on the lips.
Nosedive exclaims, "YYYYYUUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!"
Nosedive drops Roger and wipes at his mouth. "BLEEUUUCH!!"
Starr is glad she didn't help Rog up. ;)
Nosedive "Slobbered by a rabbit.... YUK!" ;)
RogerRabbit bouncies.
Falcone says, "That COULD be Rogers most intelligent stunt..."
Starr laughs.
Falcone says, "At least he's friendly about it..."
Nosedive says, "Fal... your beak is flapping..."
RogerRabbit asks, "So.. who all is on the Mighty Duck's team?"
Nosedive shrugs. "Mal... and me as from now. I *don't* think she's particularly serious about it."
Starr says, "i still want to know how this will work."
RogerRabbit asks, "What? You mean my 6 players have you outnumbered?"
Falcone exclaims, "Oh, but you have to do it, you'll loose your fighting edge if you don't play!"
Nosedive nods. "Of course, we could just recruit Duke, Starrfire... maybe Falcone... possibly Mookie."
RogerRabbit giggles at the name 'Mookie'
Starr asks, "come to think of it aren't tanya and canard around here somewhere?"
Starr glares at Roger.
RogerRabbit asks, "Hmm?"
Nosedive says, "Canard's been trying to convince his parents to sign the permission slip, and Tanya is a recluse."
Starr says, "Oh. Rog, don't make fun of our friends."
RogerRabbit says, "I just have a hard time taking the name 'Mookie' seriously."

take spider
Why would you WANT to pick it up?! Oh, well... you do anyway. It squirms, wriggles, twitches it's disgusting legs and bares it's nasty little fangs at you. you hope fervently it's not poisonous... best to not take the chance and drop it, huh?!
drop spider
The spider twitches and tries to bite you! With a cry of disgust, you drop it.

RogerRabbit whispers, "'hairy little thing'?"
RogerRabbit asks, "Such as?"
Starr asks, "problem dive?"
Falcone says, "Roger, you'd better watch it around Nosedive, he's not all that nice..."
Nosedive is sorely tempted to step on that spider.
Starr giggles
Nosedive is sorely tempted to step on *Falcone*...
RogerRabbit sees the spider, yeeps! in fear and leaps onto Nosedive's shoulders.
Max has arrived.
Max arrives, riding a skateboard. He brings the board to a screaching halt, and dismounts, doing a double backflip in the process.
Starr picks up the hairy little thing! That's either very brave or VERY stupid!
Nosedive stands there, looking up. "Get. Down."
Nosedive adds, "Now."
The nephews wave hi to max
RogerRabbit says, "Not until you kill that spider."
Nosedive says, "Starr's got it."
Starr asks, "isn't it cute? ;)"
Starr says, "hi max"
Max asks, "Oh, great...what's Starr gonna do? Sopoenae him to death?"
RogerRabbit climbs down timidly. "No! It is not cute! It is a spider!
Huey grins and nods, "give roger a closer look at it "
Starr says, "maybe i should put it back down on the floor"
Nosedive drops Roger unceremoniously on the ground.
Starr Drops the spider with a cry of disgust!
Starr says, "Present for you Rog"
RogerRabbit exclaims, "OOF!"
RogerRabbit says, "No..."
Starr says, "well it's on the floor again."
Max exclaims, "Hey! Cool! That's a brown recluse! Give it here! I need him for my science project!"
Starr says, "it's duke's spider."
RogerRabbit nudges the spider towards Max with his foot.
Max finds an empty jar, and goes after the spider.
Starr asks, "what are you gonna do with it max?"
RogerRabbit says, "Kill it, I hope."
Max says, "I'll stick a pin in 'im, and mount him in a cigar box Mr. P gave me."
Dewey picks up the spider very carefully, tempted to drop it on roger, but gives it to max.
Falcone exclaims, "MAX!! No, that hideous thing is Duke's pet! Odd, I know..."
Max clamps the lid on the jar, then looks at the spider.
Falcone says, "Besides, its really a tarantula, mostly harmless..."
RogerRabbit gives Dewey a brand new $100 bill. "Good boy."
Max exclaims, "Yup! It's a brown recluse, all right. You can tell by the markings on it. Look!"
Falcone asks, "Um... Roj... have any more of those lying around???"
Max shoves the jar under Roger's nose.
Starr eyes the $100 and wonders if rog has more. ;)
RogerRabbit @baps The Goof Boy on the head. The Goof Boy puts his hands over his head and cries, "Owwww!" *pout*
RogerRabbit exclaims, "Don'T EVER do that again!"
RogerRabbit ruffles around in his pockets. "Yes, I do, Starr. Why?"
Louie quacks, "No don't kill it! Take, um, Roger for your experiment!"
Falcone exclaims, "Really Max, have a heart. If you did that to Starr she'd blast you halfway to Hoboken!"

take spider
Why would you WANT to pick it up?! Oh, well... you do anyway. It squirms, wriggles, twitches it's disgusting legs and bares it's nasty little fangs at you. you hope fervently it's not poisonous... best to not take the chance and drop it, huh?!
look spider
A spider!! Ugh! It's horrible! And HUGE! :::shudder::: And black, and hairy, and, well, all the other most unpleasent spidery attributes you can think of... AND IT'S COMING RIGHT FOR YOU!!!! YAAAAHHHH!!!

Max asks, "Oh, she wants to see it?"
Starr says, "Oh, could use some cash that's all, Rog. ;)"
Falcone exclaims, "Figures, I ask him, the girl just wonders, and he offers it to her!"
RogerRabbit says, "Well, I don't just 'give out' cash.. you have to earn it."
Starr wonders if aiming a pucklaucher at a rabbit qualifies as 'earning' it. ;)

RogerRabbit says, "No.. =:*)"
Starr figures it couldn't hurt aiming the pucklauncher. now if her finger slips on the other hand... ;)
Falcone asks, "How do you earn money around here Roger?"
RogerRabbit stands behind Nosedive.
Huey stage-whispers to Starr, "no- but if you find him an even bigger spider and give it to him- that would be earning it ;)"
Falcone looks at Starr, wondering if she's serious!
RogerRabbit says, "Uhm.. the technical way is to walk around the muck collecting pennies."
Nosedive ducks. (oops)
RogerRabbit cannot be seen.
Max blows up RogerRabbit.
Falcone says, "Hmm... well, he's here somewhere... oh well, I think you're safe, Roger."
Falcone says, "Well... maybe I spoke too soon..."
Starr says, "you have a funny definition of safe falcone. ;)"
Falcone asks, "Roger? Good grief, this place will take some getting used to..."
Starr says, "nice job max. wonder if that earns money. ;)"
A disembodied voice asks, "Who's here?"
Max bows.
A long white ear pops out the collar of Nosedive's shirt.
Nosedive yelps. "Hey! Who's spoofing?"
RogerRabbit whispers, "The rabbit is spoofing hints of where he's hiding."
Falcone looks at the ear in Nosedive's shirt and blinks. "This will DEFINITELY take some getting used to..."
Nosedive whispers, "GET OUTTA MY SHIRT ROGER!"
RogerRabbit crawls out of Nosedive's shirt.
Huey's player has to go! which mean the nephews do too :( bye!
Max waves.
Nosedive is feeling weirded out today...
RogerRabbit says, "Bye, Nephew's."
Starr says, "later huey"
RogerRabbit says, "Welcome to the world of Toons, Nosedive."
Nosedive exclaims, "Bye!"
Falcone chuckles "Well, its good to see you two getting so close..."
Nosedive growls. "That's it!"

tripup falcone
Nosedive spins around with a wicked laugh and trips Falcone with the curved end of his Hockey Stick! With a loud "Oof!" Falcone lands heavily on his backside!

Huey , Dewey and Louie wave.
The nephews jump back on their skateboards, and zoom away.

* [ Huey has disconnected ] *

Falcone thinks that it isn't fair if I say I was standing away... I bet that works on the other end of this thing too... grr!
RogerRabbit says, "I think Nosedive is still upset about his locker."
Starr asks, "what happened to his locker?"
RogerRabbit says, "I did."
Nosedive says, "Roger."
Starr says, "uh, maybe i don't want to know"
RogerRabbit says, "I think it worked out for the best, tho. His locker needed to be aired out."
Nosedive picks Roger up by the ears.
RogerRabbit exclaims, "Ow! Hey! Watch it."
Starr smiles
Nosedive realises he's still holding the spider... >:)
Starr laughs
Falcone stands 500 miles away...
Nosedive holds the spider in his other hand and puts it up to Roger's face.
RogerRabbit wiggles around, trying to get out of Nosedive's grip.
RogerRabbit faints.
Starr says, "Dive, maybe we need to use your supersoaker to wake him up. ;)"
Falcone screams from across the state, "Now see what you did?!"
Nosedive drops Roger and puts the spider on him.
Nosedive blinks, "What's wrong with Falcone?"
RogerRabbit twitches a bit, but lays still otherwise.
Falcone wonders if there's a camera capturing any of this, he wants a copy! :)
Starr says, "i dunno. maybe he doesn't like the spidy either."
( Falcone has a conscience. )
Nosedive might have one.... FALCONE?? A CONSCIENCE??
Falcone says, "Thank you, O disembodied voice, I'm finding that I have one after all."
Starr looks at Roger lying on the floor and wonders if they should try to wake him up.
Nosedive has his supersoaker on him...
Nosedive will wet everyone in the whole room though...
Falcone comes up and kicks the spider from the poor rabbit.
The spider crawls along Roger's arm.
Falcone exclaims, "Whoops... little monster is fast!"
The spider crawls along Roger's nose...
Falcone asks, "How do you catch that thing anyway? Have a jar handy?"
RogerRabbit's nose twitches.
Falcone watches to see what happens...
The spider crawls UP Roger's nose...
Starr says, "Ewww... well when it comes out i'll get the thing."
Falcone exclaims, "What the heck?!"
Nosedive sniggers.
Starr looks for the spider
RogerRabbit sneezes.
(The spider flies through the air to land on Nosedive and slips inside his shirt.)
Starr looks at Dive. "Well when everyone's thru picking on the spider i'll take him."
Falcone exclaims, "Oh dear... well, get to know Fluffy Nosedive... BE CAREFUL, they bite like a wasp, they really sting!"
Falcone says, "STAND STILL and I'll try to fish him out for you..."
Nosedive stands stock still.
Falcone asks, "Oh, its Duke's, couldn't you guess? Either that or Tanya's, but it's Duke's."
RogerRabbit's eyes twiter and he slowly wakes up.
Falcone reaches gingerly into Nosedive's shirt for something fuzzy... aargh...
Nosedive glares at Fal. "Just squish the blasted thing!" *pauses* "But not on me!"
Falcone wonders how much more fun this day can have in it!
Starr wonders about the sanity of the people in this room. ;)
Falcone says, "No... just be still, I'm not about to kill Duke's pet, besides, they STINK..."
Nosedive wonders how you could even think that we're sane?
RogerRabbit asks, "Whuh-whuh-where's the spider?"
Falcone exclaims, "Well where is the darn thing?!"
Starr notices the spider which has crawled out of Dive's shirt and back onto the floor.
Starr picks up the hairy little thing! That's either very brave or VERY stupid!
Falcone looks relieved...
Nosedive asks, "YOU'RE relieved??"
Starr rolls her eyes. "Men.."
Falcone says, "Well, look, they aren't very cute, in fact they're repulsive."
Nosedive glares at Falcone. . o O (Good, great, now get your hand OUT OF MY SHIRT!)
RogerRabbit crawls onto the couch.
Starr says, "yeah but your all freaking out."
Falcone exclaims, "I'm not in your shirt now!" *joins Roger on the couch*
Starr says, "it's just a spider."
Nosedive sighs. "HAH! I just don't like spiders when they're in my shirt."
Falcone exclaims, "That's NOT just a spider, its a tyrannosaurus of spiders!"
Starr says, "yeah, but rog and fal seemed to be flipping out just having the spider in the room."
RogerRabbit looks cautiously at Starr.
Falcone asks, "I'm NOT flipping out, I just would rather not hold it, do you mind?"
Starr wonders if she should let fal have another look but decides that the spider has been through enough for one day.
Falcone thinks the spider should be glad we're finally loosing interest in it.
RogerRabbit asks, "Why did I come here in the first place?"
Starr says, "guess i'll hang onto the spidy until i see duke. that way no one can smooshify him. *looks at the guys*"
Starr says, "to annoy us. but it seems that it backfired."
RogerRabbit scrambles off the couch to get as far from the spider as he can.
Starr moves closer to rog. ;)
Nosedive says, "Duke wanted to know the reaction to his little pet so I am saving this conversation. >:)"
Starr laughs.
RogerRabbit asks, "Could i have a copy of it too?"
Starr says, "well you can tell him i'm hanging onto it for safe keeping until i see him again."
Falcone asks, "Oh brother... he didn't set up a camera for this? I bet he'll appreciate how well we got along, won't he?"
Falcone asks, "Roger, can't you save this?"
Nosedive makes a face. "He'll be laughing so hard the tears will fall..."
Starr says, "well if he did your in for some trouble fal."
RogerRabbit says, "I could, but usually don't, keep logs."
Falcone asks, "Why am I in for trouble?"
Starr exclaims, "hello! duke's still not very fond of you. i'm SURE he could use this to his advantage somehow."
Nosedive is glad he HASN'T got a camera here otherwise the tape would be awful blackmail.
Falcone says, "Starr, I didn't do ANYTHING... if he finds reason to complain, then I'm done trying."
Starr says, "as dive said he could use it for blackmail."
Falcone grins. "Sure... HAH."
Nosedive has got to go. :(
RogerRabbit says, "Bye, Nosedive."
Falcone says, "Well, sorry Nosedive, but maybe you should take a shower anyway!"
Starr says, "ok dive. i'll need to be going soon myself. if you see duke tell him i have his spider."
RogerRabbit says, "Nice meeting you. And I hope the Mighty Ducks are used to losing." Falcone laughs heartily.
Starr says, "unless i give it to rog."
Nosedive exclaims, "We NEVER lose a game!!"
Nosedive asks, "And Fal..?"

tripup falcone
Nosedive spins around with a wicked laugh and trips Falcone with the curved end of his Hockey Stick! With a loud "Oof!" Falcone lands heavily on his backside!

Nosedive smiles. "Da Ducks ROCK!"
Starr laughs.
RogerRabbit laughs.
Nosedive exclaims, "Bye!"

THE END of the insanity

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