Other Artwork

A Gargoyle of my creation, Bhaomorn, in plain pencil.
The Teguiid assassin, Jaonan Relek.
Nylessa Taliesin, a dragon. One of my favourite pictures, coloured with PSP4.
Ferris Larousse, my DWD character - an arms smuggler and owner of the Facade nightclub! A bit of a weasel (ooh... bad pun!).
A side on head-sketch of Ferris.
Everyone's favourite, or not so favourite, bad guy: Negaduck.
Felony - one of the characters created by QJ for his Foxtrot 9 series. :)
Dragon - another of the Foxtrot 9 vixens.
Lindsey Sylvecova - a Russian spy ;)
Lukyan Sylvecova - Lindsey's bro... a rather grisly sort of person.
"I'm the trickster in the darkness cold / Who sings a deadly lullaby..." Anoki.
Marmion Mau - one of the MAU, a band of tabby-coated half-kitties!
Rhyfel (pencil) - cracked wildcat with a mind for revenge.
Jiolgan - from Genetic WAR.
Marmion - Joel (Jiolgan)'s dragon. (heck, I like the name!)
Kitito - another character from Genetic WAR.
Mudi - FemLeader of Genetic WAR.

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