Bayard and Felicity

Nylessa's Notes -- My kids. Well, much later, anyway. I've had to take their descriptions from approximately age ten, because since they're babies when they first arrive (that's SO obvious I didn't really need to write it...) personality etc isn't exactly developed...

Full Name: Bayard Mikian Stormwing
Looks: Taller, stockier than his sister, silver-grey feathers and storm-purple eyes. His deep red hair is a few shades darker than his sister's, straighter with wave rather than curl, and he wears it long, down to his shoulderblades. Well-built, somewhat long-legged but fairly slender. He has a lopsided, roguish sort of smile at most times, but he's the master of expressions and can look perfectly blank and innocent if he wants to.
Attire: Bayard shares his mother's passion for purples and greens but in darker shades, and dresses in stylish clothing of those two colors - dark green slacks and an overlarge indigo shirt, often hanging loose over the slacks. Occasionally he wears a dark green parka over that, but at most times it's tied around his waist. Also wears sneakers.
Personality: He's a right troublemaker, and has his father's love of making mischief. Bayard plays the loose cannon, tearing around the hallways and pulling pranks on the unsuspecting (putting toothpaste in Duke's hair-gel was his favourite for a while). When he doesn't want to be noticed he can blend into the background so that people ignore his presence, and when he doesn't want to be found he can find a hiding place wherever in the base he is. He is held enthralled by stories of action, and loves listening to Nosedive who often babysits and tells him somewhat exaggerated stories of his time on Earth. Inevitably, of course, he then acts them out. He's incredibly curious and always asks questions about things, interrupting if he doesn't understand something and is never satisfied until he finally knows what's going on/what something is. A master of feigning innocence even when on the odd occasion caught red-handed, and when he is it's hard to stay angry at him, because if the innocent look doesn't work then he uses his patented "I'm-just-a-kid-and-I-don't-know-any-better" one. It works on just about everyone but his parents.

Full Name: Felicity Caerine Stormwing
Looks: Somewhat shorter than her brother, with the same silver-grey feathers and storm-purple eyes, however her hair, which is naturally 'fluffy' and a lighter shade of deep red, is about chin-length. Felicity has a pretty, dazzling smile and looks totally guileless. She has her mother's thin but not emaciated frame and hourglass shape (which becomes more apparent the older she gets), but she, like her brother, has her father's height.
Attire: A plain, long white linen dress with sleeves, a white belt and white sandals, although anything white sits with her fine. As she gets older she experiments with attire made to catch attention (males in particular) rather than present herself as a pure little angel.
Personality: Felicity looks totally angelic but this is not the case. While she's angel 80% of the time, the other 20% she's a little daemon. She's an influencer rather than an actor, like her mother, and can usually wheedle what she wants out of people with a few well-placed "pretty please"s a wide-eyed, hopeful looks. Her smile is dazzling and helps with the image of an angel, so does her tendancy to dress in white during her early years. She's a little bit proud, but doesn't show off and neither does she hold herself high in front of the other children; she merely is fussy about looking good, and complains if she can't look like she wants to. Fair when it comes to playing although her influencing skills make her less an active player as an informant, and occasionally, when she covers for her brother, a look-out. She's not a troublemaker, but often steps in to protect Bayard if things aren't going his way. Having a pair of loud lungs which she occasionally uses to their full extent, (screaming shrilly), she has a surprisingly soft, subdued voice, and rarely raises it unless in defence of her brother.

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